Free 15 Minute Workout to Help Your Athlete Accelerate Explosively

Winning a ball in 5-10 yds is a huge part of making an impact on the field and getting in front of coaches eyes this season.

Have your athlete complete each drill below and then send us their sprint so we can help you analyze their movement patterns and put MORE purpose behind how they train.

4 PILLARS OF RUNNING: Before we know what to fix in order to get faster, we need to understand what to look for.

Areas Improved: Understanding how to do your own video analysis.

Watch and understand completely before starting.

SPINAL ALIGNMENT: Keeping a straight spine will help in covering distance with each step as well as maintaining a strong, stiff body for fast ground contact.

Areas Improved: Strength, core stiffness, strong angle for improved acceleration.

Complete 3 sets of 30 seconds.

HIP PROJECTION: In order to go somewhere, your hips have got to move. This hip projection helps teach angles, push, and setting up for the next step that follows.

Areas Improved: Hip projection, ground contact, low angle, strength in the acceleration position.

Complete 3×4-6 of each movement/each side.

SWITCH: Switching (instead of stepping) will help with timing so you are attacking the ground quickly but also getting off the ground on time in order to take the next step.

Areas Improved: Posture, switch, foot placement, ground contact.

Complete 3×10 yds.

STIFFNESS Full body stiffness allows your body to handle the quick contact of sprinting and completing aggressive steps over and over.

Areas Improved: Full body strength and stiffness, pliability, elasticity, quick ground contact, strong feet and ankles, proactive movements.

Complete 3×5 yds (15+ reps per set).

{STEP 2}
For Parents of Serious Athletes…

We want to extend an offer to our FREE Acceleration Audit so you can receive the same direction our 1on1 athletes get. We will help your athlete understand WHAT exactly to focus on in order to change movement patterns and get faster.

All you need to do is:

  1. Film a side view video of your athlete sprinting 10 yards from a 2 points stance (example below)

2. Click “Get Faster!” below to find a time and hop on a call so I can help explain your athlete’s unique needs. Click the link below, once you pick a time and submit you will be emailed instructions to send the video.
(You can also send on any social platform: Instagram, FaceBook, etc.)

Davin completely revamped his sprint in just 3 weeks

Troy found himself losing more defenders each week from his clean new movement

Lilya added new purpose to old drills and found her self gaining speed

Hayley couldn’t believe her eyes watching her old form just a few weeks into our 1on1 mentorship

Alex’s new normal is ice pack and pain killer free, even with a heavier workload

Rylee gained confidence and happiness after working with us 1on1, she lost that fear and can’t wait to go play