{FREE Speed Workout} Your 15 Minute Daily Guide To Speed

Want in on a secret? Getting faster is NOT accomplished by running sprints over and over. It’s about all of the details before you can apply that into a sprint.

Now how in the world can you do it all every day with such a busy schedule?!

Sometimes you just can’t… That’s why we created a free 15 minute workout that touches each of the major points that you can complete daily before the team warm up!

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BALANCE: Start with building a base in your body from the ground up and the inside out.

Areas Improved: Full body activation, stiffness, stability, alignment, center of gravity to allow movement next.

Complete each drill for 30 seconds on each side.

A DRILLS: Beginning to understand and apply proper running mechanics will be imperative as you progress. Take your time and focus on each small detail involved.

Areas Improved: Running form, proper ground contact.

Complete each drill for 10 yds.

LANDING MECHANICS: Force absorption is the single most important aspect in preventing injury as an athlete. Before you progress and overload movement through jumping and other aggressive drills, you must first ensure you are properly landing.

Areas Improved: Force absorption, stability, strength and control through 3 dimensions.

Complete 3-5 of each movement.

Deceleration Foundation: Before you can change directions in a game, you need to practice covering ground efficiently and stopping proactively.

Areas Improved: Ground contact, full body stiffness, force production, force absorption, 3D movement, proactivity, stability through a range of motion.

Complete 3-5 of each drill on each side.

Now if you are an athlete who REALLY wants to make a difference, we are here to help you prioritize WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and exactly HOW to do it. We work in between your hectic life schedule to get you the results you’re willing to work for. 

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