Week 1: Get Explosive in 5-10 yds

If you have great technical skills but can’t beat an opponent to the ball….
then you won’t be able to show those skills off.

Winning a ball in 5-10 yds is a huge part of making an impact on the field and getting in front of coaches eyes at the next level.

That’s why we created a free 15 minute explosive acceleration workout that you can add into your routine.

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4 PILLARS OF RUNNING: Before we know what to fix in order to get faster, we need to understand what to look for.

Areas Improved: Understanding how to do your own video analysis.

Watch and understand completely before starting.

SPINAL ALIGNMENT: Keeping a straight spine will help in covering distance with each step as well as maintaining a strong, stiff body for fast ground contact.

Areas Improved: Strength, core stiffness, strong angle for improved acceleration.

Complete 3 sets of 30 seconds.

HIP PROJECTION: In order to go somewhere, your hips have got to move. This hip projection helps teach angles, push, and setting up for the next step that follows.

Areas Improved: Hip projection, ground contact, low angle, strength in the acceleration position.

Complete 3×4-6 of each movement/each side.

SWITCH: Switching (instead of stepping) will help with timing so you are attacking the ground quickly but also getting off the ground on time in order to take the next step.

Areas Improved: Posture, switch, foot placement, ground contact.

Complete 3×10 yds.

STIFFNESS Full body stiffness allows your body to handle the quick contact of sprinting and completing aggressive steps over and over.

Areas Improved: Full body strength and stiffness, pliability, elasticity, quick ground contact, strong feet and ankles, proactive movements.

Complete 3×5 yds (15+ reps per set).

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