Week 3: Warmup To Get You Game Ready

A proper warmup BEFORE the team warmup will drastically improve your performance and readiness to step on the field, compete to the best of your ability, and remain injury free.

That’s why we created a free 15 minute warmup that you can add into your routine.

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TORSO STABILITY AND ALIGNMENT: “Waking your body up” before jumping into movement ensures everything has been prepped and is ready to complete the liable moves you’ll need in the game.

Areas Improved: Activation, core stability, balance, alignment.

Complete 3×30 seconds each side.

PUSH STRENGTH AND EFFICIENCY: Creating a relationship with the ground and warming up your ability to push and cover distance will help as you prep to win 50/50 balls in 5-10 yds.

Areas Improved: Hip projection, spinal alignment, push strength, acceleration.

Complete 3×10 yds each leg.

POWER AND UNI-LATERAL PREP: The ability to work each leg individually while having consistent rhythm and timing will help with being powerful and explosive on the field. Bounds aid in quick ground contact in order to maximize your speed.

Areas Improved: Uni-lateral strength, stiffness, ground contact, pliability, rhythm, timing, and coordination.

Complete 3×15 yds each leg.

DECELERATION AND QUICKNESS: Deceleration and force absorption will play an integral part of your game as you prep to change direction quickly and stay healthy while completing these moves.

Areas Improved: Change of direction, injury prevention, deceleration, force absorption, acceleration, movement efficiency, alignment.

Complete 4×5 yds each movement.

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