Week 1: Jump Higher

Part of being the most athletic is being able to out jump the opponent. Get to the ball quicker, save a ball from going to the opponents, get in the way of the other team.

That’s why we created a free 15 minute workout to help you jump higher that you can add into your routine.

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TRAP BAR DEADLIFT: Strength in a vertical pushing position directly mimics a vertical jump and translates to a higher jump. A powerful jump is a combination of strength + speed in the movement you want to complete on the field or court.

Areas Improved: Strength, vertical, power.

Complete 3×10.

WEIGHTED/NON-WEIGHTED VERTICAL JUMP: Moving weight quickly and contrasting weighted and non-weighted movements will help you develop your ability to produce more power and ultimately jump higher.

Areas Improved: Strength, vertical jump, speed, power.

Complete 3×5 + 5.

HORIZONTAL BOX JUMP: Translating your strength and movement patterns to a box will help apply the movement into a closer game-like situation.

Areas Improved: Vertical, power, strength, speed, coordination.

Complete 3×6.

DEPTH TO VERTICAL JUMP: Being able to absorb force and rapidly change direction is a mark of a strong, healthy, and athletic individual. Working this will help you move quickly through the chaotic nature of your sport.

Areas Improved: Vertical, ground contact, strength, reaction.

Complete 3×6.

Now if you are an athlete who REALLY wants to make a difference, we are here to help you prioritize WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and exactly HOW to do it. We work in between your hectic life schedule to get you the results you’re willing to work for.

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Davin completely revamped his sprint in just 3 weeks

Troy found himself losing more defenders each week from his clean new movement

Lilya added new purpose to old drills and found her self gaining speed

Hayley couldn’t believe her eyes watching her old form just a few weeks into our 1on1 mentorship

Alex’s new normal is ice pack and pain killer free, even with a heavier workload

Rylee gained confidence and happiness after working with us 1on1, she lost that fear and can’t wait to go play