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But first, watch the videos below so that you can get a better idea of what to expect.

Over the past few years, we’ve helped hundreds of grade school and high school athletes with gaining speed, confidence, and aggression all while minimizing injury.

And below, we’re sharing a few exclusive trainings that will give you a better idea of what we do—so that you can ask better questions and get laser-focused direction on our call together.

Here’s How You Can Prepare For Your Foundational Blueprint Call

So, before we hop on the phone, please carve out a few minutes to watch these videos. We promise it’ll be worth your time. (In fact, some athletes have been able to start taking action…just with what they’ve learned from these videos!)

WHAT TO EXPECT: Laura briefly covers what to expect over the next few calls. In order to be as actionable as possible, be sure to carve out a few minutes to watch these videos before hand. That will allow us to learn more about each other and we will, in turn, be able to provide better solutions.

MEGAN SCORING MORE: Here we break down Megan’s crossover run and how her shin angle is putting her at risk of a major knee injury AND causing her to waste time when changing direction. With this new speed and strength she has found herself beating the defenders and scoring more often.

ALEX INJURY FREE: Alex found that as she ramped up the training hours but with purpose and intent, she’s feeling much healthier and ready to compete without needing the extra ice packs and pain killers she needed the year before.

TRISTAN VERTICAL JUMP: Tristan increased his vertical by 3.5″ and found his performance on the field as a goalkeeper to be stronger and more efficient than ever before.

RYLEE HAPPINESS: With Rylee’s newfound movement efficiency, she has found she’s no longer scared or disappointed with how she performs in her games. She moves well, feels accomplished, is proud, and is having FUN!

AVERY ANALYSIS: Coach Joey and Avery break down Avery’s movement on the mound compared to her movement on the field. By diagnosing and prescribing drills, Avery has been able to speed up movement on and off the mound.

RAY AND RYAN RETURN ON INVESTMENT: “When you’re doing something online you always have those questions ‘Is this going to work?’… From my point of view we got a very good return on investment”

GISELLE’S PARENT’S FEELINGS: Giselle’s parents share their feelings on the communication and structure that helped Giselle put the work in and earn her huge results!