We are so excited to get you going and cannot wait to get to day 1.  It is important that in order to hit the ground running day 1, we take these next steps with precision and complete everything fully and with quality. A few things we’ll need done as you progress through these videos:

  1. Please do each drill actively along with the video
  2. In order to start things off strong, record a ~10 second video from the side of you doing “A Run” (A Run is the 4th movement in A Drills)
  3. Using the 4 Pillars of Running and any new vocabulary you’ve learned, dive into your first analysis of your A Run so you have an understanding of your strengths and areas of improvement moving forward

BALANCE: Our first exercise is simply balance. Remember to make each drill as hard as possible to get the utmost out of it. This is our second pillar of ground contact, starting to build a base in your body from the ground up and the inside out.

A DRILLS: Beginning to understand and apply proper running mechanics will be imperative as you progress though this program and even from forward speed to lateral speed. Take your time and focus on each small detail involved

LANDING MECHANICS: Force absorption is the single most important aspect in preventing injury as an athlete. Before we progress and overload movement through jumping and other aggressive drills, we must first ensure we are properly landing, whether that is forward, down, sideways, on one leg, two, etc

PLYOMETRICS: Putting together our ground contact and full body stiffness, we are warming up our ability to create force, move in many directions, be proactive, and stabilize through a range of motion