Glad you are taking the first steps to gaining speed and preventing injury.

I can tell you’re an action taker, check out these trainings outlining who we help and what they have achieved. We’d love to hear which ones resonate with you.

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LINCOLN 4 WEEK TRANSFORMATION: Check out how small changes in Lincoln’s form created a major difference in 4 sessions of forward speed.

RYLEE HAPPINESS: With Rylee’s newfound movement efficiency, she has found she’s no longer scared or disappointed with how she performs in her games. She moves well, feels accomplished, is proud, and is having FUN!

BRIANNE SPEED GAINS: As someone who always excelled in ball skills, Brianne needed something to create separation between herself and her opponent. Her ability to cut in from the sideline has created new opportunities for herself and her team in game situations.

TOP END SPEED ENHANCEMENT: You will learn WHAT switch and stiffness is from our Four Pillars of Running and HOW that will translate into your A Run and ultimately into your Top End Speed (maintaining your fastest speed)

STARK STRONG PERFORMANCE BACKGROUND: Get to know us and our background! Here Laura outlines a timeline to the Speed Enhancement Mentorship and how our niche and coaching style was born.