Athlete Results & Testimonials

Lincoln drastically changed his mechanics in order to shave time off his sprint and stay healthy
Davin completely revamped his sprint in just 3 weeks
Troy found himself losing more defenders each week from his clean new movement
Rylee gained confidence and happiness after working with us 1on1, she lost that fear and can’t wait to go play
“When you’re doing something online you always have those questions ‘Is this going to work?’… From my point of view we got a very good return on investment”
Giselle’s parents share their feelings on the communication and structure that helped Giselle put the work in and earn her huge results
Gavin came in with some moves that needed addressing and was able to completing step away from the original torque in his knee
Alex’s new normal is ice pack and pain killer free, even with a heavier workload

INTERVIEW WITH OUR PRO SOCCER PLAYER, GWEN: Gwen shares her experience in our program as a professional soccer player in Iceland. She shares how our program helped her, why our online model was so impactful, what her hesitations were with joining, and how the investment paid off.

Megan speaks about how getting faster has helped her score more goals on the soccer field. Her newfound speed has helped create opportunities by allowing her to beat her opponents and showcase her ability. Additionally, before joining she was injured and benched, getting the foundational strength back has allowed her to gain the confidence and ability she needed to compete and earn a DI scholarship.
Olivia reflects on how speed has changed her game on the field. She had worked with multiple programs and trainers in the past, but until diving into the education behind running and slowing down movement, she never found the results she needed to last into her college career.
Brianne speaks with Coach Joey on how in the first four weeks she quickly saw a difference in her speed around her acceleration and deceleration. This has allowed her to showcase her ability both with the ball by getting to it quickly and creating separation between players to allow opportunities.
Brianne reflects on her 12 week Speed Enhancement Mentorship. Beyond the technical skills learned and applied, she found the mentality aspect to be game changing.

She also built speed on and off the ball, got noticed from refs and coaches, and started beating opponents. The confidence behind what she built physically and mentally allowed her to open her mind and work to achieve higher level goals.

“Training with Laura was a big turning point in my life. She helped me love the sport again and come back mentally and physically stronger than when I left.”

-Lili K.
US Soccer Development Academy, Weston FC

“Finding a coach that won’t sugar coat flaws, yet isn’t too hard on her athletes, is 100% a novelty. I found that in Laura from day 1, five years ago.

It wasn’t until having Laura as a coach that I learned how constructive criticism is one of the most important traits a coach can have, as well as one of the most common traits coaches ignore in order to spare feelings.”

-Joey S.
Avila University Football
Emma reflects on her experience transforming from an injured athlete on the bench to a starter on her soccer team and talking to college coaches

“Throughout my 18 year career in training professional athletes, I came across very few coaches that had the knowledge, disposition and physical ability to work along side me.  After just 2 weeks working with Laura, I knew that she had all three of these components.  Laura is a great coach that knows exactly what to do to get the most out of ANY athlete in a safe, time efficient manor with emphasis on hard work and leadership.”

-Jeff Sanders
Founding Partner: Athlete’s Edge Sports Performance Training; Former Baltimore Ravens Strength Coach

Les came to us after his daughter Kira had just been cleared to play following ACL reconstruction surgery. Check out the progress Kira has made on our program and the purpose they continue to add into their daily routine!

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INTERVIEW WITH OUR PRO SOCCER PLAYER, MICAH: Micah shares his experience in our program as a semi-pro soccer player in Germany at 16 years old. He shares his goals, his success, and what it looks like to play at a level many youth athletes are working towards.