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Stark Strong Performance works with athletes and coaches 2:1 to set and exceed goals around speed development and injury prevention.

The Speed Enhancement Mentorship is designed to take the high level tools only seen at the pro level and then not only bring them to middle and high school athletes, but also to challenge each athlete’s perspective and mindset so they are making lifestyle changes sustainable beyond their time with Stark Strong Performance.

Built on education and purpose behind movement, this 12-week mentorship has helped athletes decrease their 40 yd dash time by .5 seconds, receive scholarships from their dream school, and earn a starting spot on the team two levels higher than before.

This mentorship is designed specific to your needs and requires us to speak directly to understand best where you are at in your journey. No matter what we decide, we promise to provide some value during this call. To set up a time click the link below

Need Something Less Intense?

Welcome to Our Speed Impact Training!

Exercise Library Courses: Putting Purpose and Education Behind How You Train Get Faster and Prevent Injury with Speed Impact

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Speed Enhancement

RECOMMENDED FOR: Athletes looking to gain edge and TRULY LEARN HOW TO GET FAST. Great starting point for athletes looking to win 50/50 balls in a short distance and cover ground over longer sprints:

-Soccer, Football, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Field Hockey

-Coaches of those sports

-Good refinement for Soccer Goalkeepers, Basketball, Volleyball, Ice and Roller Hockey, and Wrestling after the Foundational Movement and Explosion

-Recommended Follow Up: Foundational Movement and Explosion


Foundational Movement and Explosion

RECOMMENDED FOR: Athletes looking to add POWER AND EXPLOSION onto a foundation already built. Great to build on from the Speed Enhancement. Great starting point for athletes looking to gain vertical jump height and power off the ground:

-Any athlete who finished Speed Enhancement

-Soccer Goalkeepers, Basketball, Volleyball, Ice and Roller Hockey, Wrestling

-Coaches of those sports

Recommended Follow Up (for the sports listed above): Speed Enhancement


Forward Speed and Power

RECOMMENDED FOR: Athletes looking to GET FASTER IN A STRAIGHT LINE. Great starting point for athletes who need to improve acceleration and top end speed to lower their sprint times:

-Track and Field athletes, field and court sport athletes ONLY looking to shave time off their 40 yd. dash for an upcoming combine/showcase/tryout/etc

-Coaches of those sports

-NOT recommended for field and court sport athletes (unless matching the above criteria). Unlike track, your physical demands require all planes of motion and would be met with Speed Enhancement or Foundational Movement and Explosion

Interested in more than one Speed Impact course?

We got you! Our Speed Enhancement + Foundational Movement and Explosion Bundle is available to help you reach your goals while saving money! Click the button below to enroll and save.

Stark Strong Performance is committed to educating the new era of athletes. Although we love hard workers, that alone isn’t enough. You must train with PURPOSE and UNDERSTANDING. Everything we do has a what, why, and how and that’s what we promise to share with you. And our proven system of getting athletes the highest results that last…? Teach you how to do it on your own.

Speed Impact is designed with you in mind. We share our favorite drills to get you FASTER and more EXPLOSIVE, and we show you how to plug them into your training for life. Results that last beyond your time with us.